A First Hand Account of the March 11th Donald Trump rally in Chicago

Hello, I am a first time poster, but have been reading here daily since the summer.  Please excuse this long post, but I would like to share my experiences at the rally in Chicago this evening.  First, my background follows:   I voted in my first election in 1996 straight R ticket for Dole.  In 2000, I understood the uniparty and supported, donated and voted for Patrick J. Buchanan because he was a great man and the uniparty sold out the United States on immigration, trade and foreign policy.  Since this time I have been an America First Nationalist.  I have not cast a single vote since and totally gave up following politics until I happened to turn on Faux and see Donald speaking at Laredo in early July.  I knew his views on trade and foreign policy and seeing him come out strongly on immigration sealed the deal.  I have watched nearly every rally since and been totally engaged like all of you for this great journey.  Now on to today’s rally.  My mom and I arrived at noon and the lines were beginning to form.  There was a mix of young and old, rich and poor, blue collar and white collar.  There were many, many blue collar and union former democrats who were 100% supporting Trump, understood the Nationalism vs. Globalism war and everything discussed on this site.  I also talked to several Middle Eastern UIC students who supported Donald and shared the sentiments expressed on this site.  A busload of police were dropped off to begin duty and we all applauded and cheered them.  As they filed past, you could see them smiling and appreciating our support.  There were only a handful of thugs across the street at this time, and we, in unison chanted “Trump, Trump, Trump”, “Build that Wall”, “Blue lives matter”, etc.  We were a vocal and united front against the Marxist filth.  When we went inside my mother and I were able to get on the floor about ten feet away from the podium.  I met a woman who has read the Treehouse since the Zimmerman case, a lawyer all -in for Trump who was a Milton Friedman advocate, and other wonderful people.  There were many young people and some families.  We began noticing some obvious BLM thugs and Bernie type people (maybe about 15-20) behind us.  We spread the word to those around us, so everyone knew.  Periodically, we all did pro Trump chants and were anxiously awaiting our President.  Several times the crowd erupted as protesters were carted out behind us on the floor as we chanted “Build that Wall” or another patriotic chant.  Around 7 pm, an announcer came to the stage and said the rally was cancelled.  The trash behind us unfurled anti-white, pro illegal alien signs and shirts with anti-white slurs.  We all began calling them scumbags and taping them.  They tried chanting, but we drowned them out.  They were basically pushed to the back of the floor area.  A taller, well dressed man single handedly ripped a banner from the hands of five Bernouts.    At this point, we could see that a large contingent of Marxists were filling the back end seats of the arena.  Some unveiled Bernie signs and chanted “Bernie), but they were once again drowned out by proud Nationalists.  We advanced all the way to the back of the arena.  Someone supportive of Trump took to the podium and led us in chants of “USA, USA”.  We were strong, loud, proud and infuriated.  Then a black thug tried taking the microphone but was restrained and shoved away by two campaign people.  He tried throwing punches at someone in the stands and a middle aged white working class guy knocked him to the floor.  The State Police and Chicago cops arrived and walked  down the stairs as an announcement for everyone to leave played.  The protesters were ignorant, vulgar, vile scum who were insulting Trump people as we left, but we gave it back in spades in unity and strength.  Outside was a huge mob of BLM, communists, Bernouts, illegal aliens and other assorted scum.  In the parking deck, I met three college kids who understood cultural marxism and told me about the indoctrination of white guilt in our schools today.  One thing was certain, everyone there was even more united and energized in their support for Donald and in despise for the leftist scum who took away our right of assembly and free speech.  As we pulled out of the parking garage, we ran a gauntlet of anti-white, anti-American trash cursing us, flipping us off and calling us racists.  All I can tell you is that my mom said she had not seen anything so disgusting since the King riots in Joliet in 1968.  Folks, I thing Nationalism is out of the bag, its here to stay and the marxists wll soon be on the run.  The whole world can see that we have lost our right to assemble peacefully and stand up for our nation.  The Silent Majority is silent no more and we are going straight to the White House.


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  1. gloriosaedominae1 says:

    Thanks for posting this comment. I will be subscribing to your blog.

    I was also at the Chicago Rally. Waiting in line for 2 1/2 hours. I did get in when it was cancelled and had a look at the Bern outs chanting at the end of the floor. I only went in because I was finally at the front of the line and people were exiting saying it was canceled. We left as quickly as possible as I thought it had a chance of erupting into a riot.

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    1. It was definitely something to see. I started posting here after that to share what happened. It really fired me up even more for this campaign.

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    2. Also, my mom really wanted to leave too, because it was getting really hectic. I knew there was a group of agitators behind us (maybe 20-30), but after they announced it was cancelled you could see the place had hundreds of them when they all started cheering. In other rallies, the security people won’t let people in that they KNOW are protestors. In Chicago, the BLM and Bernie people behind us had Hillary stickers on their phones and one had an Obama hat! They let all of the agitators right in even if they had anti-Trump gear. It was definitely a historical night to remember.

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  2. Racewellwon says:

    Fellow Chicagoan ‘s – What did you expect from Bill Ayers and UIC !

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    1. Hi Race. When the rally announced I knew there would be something going down. I have just never been in that type of atmosphere before and didn’t realize so many in the stadium were agitators until the rally was officially called off. It was definitely a historic moment. By the way, nice to meet you. I’m about 60 miles South, collar country.

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      1. Racewellwon says:

        Nice to meet you ! Yes , I was planning on attending the Rally yet , I do live on the Northside and the traffic was building early on the highways with Mexican Flags . Like BLM these paid agitators are thugs – many from the West Side as well . The Wall will kill their Drug Dealing tax free income run by the Cartels . The City of Chicago is broke and receives federal funds for being a ” Sanctuary City ” Dirty Politics as usual in Chi Raq- My husband worked for the City for over 38 years as a conservative .

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      2. Yes, I agree. The cartels are operating in all of our major cities. This is where the heroin epidemic is coming from. The West and South sides of Chicago are disaster zones. At the rally, I saw a lot of blue collar South Siders. I don’t know if they were Dem voters, but it was good to see. I don’t think Donald can overcome the fraud coming from Cook county, but if he pulls strong numbers in the rest of the state and gets all of the police officers and the city workers like your husband, maybe we could pull it out. I know there are a lot of patriots like yourself in Chicago and the suburbs who are sick of the police being scapegoated and in the direction our state and the country is going. I think Donald can at least make the race closer here than people think.

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      3. Racewellwon says:

        Cook county is in the WH

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  3. Texian says:

    Hello ‘The Hour of Decision’. Apparently the CTH website has banned me – not for vile language, but simply expressing some cold truth about Pence. I am surprised and disheartened that CTH could not tolerate a dissenting opinion. I just wanted to say in response to your blog posting of which I was agreeing to your concerns about him, that I was leaving the CTH blogsphere due to too many there now that cannot see the forest for the trees. It was my farewell to y’all when I found out I was blocked. Keep educating them “The Hour of Decision”, for this old eagle has taken flight.. Texian

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    1. Thanks Texian. Trump has just been neutered by the GOPe and set up for impeachment if he doesn’t toe the line. We must still vote for SCOTUS picks and to stop Hillary, but I don’ count on any political revolution anymore. It’s pretty depressing.


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